# Utilities

Utilities not directly related to the UI

  • vue-underscore - simple vue plugin to implement underscore
  • vue-lazy-calc - A simple calculation plugin in lazy && chaining way with strong typed.
  • vue-loadable - A plugin to improve loading state control with pretty simple methods, decorators and helpers
  • vueuse - Collection of essential Vue Composition API utils works for Vue 2.x and 3.x
  • vue-composable - Vue composition-api composable components. i18n, validation, pagination, fetch, etc. +30 variable composable functions
  • vue-condition-watcher - Vue Composition API for automatic fetch data when condition has been changed
  • vue-use - Use magic Vue Composition APIs to provide a lot of reusable logic, such as form, table and loading, etc.
  • vue-concurrency - Library for encapsulating asynchronous operations and managing concurrency for Vue and Composition API
  • vue-ics - Vue.js plugin for generating ICalendar (.ics) files
  • vue-use-switch-map - The power of the RxJS switchMap operator injected into the Vue composition world
  • vue-use-infinite-scroll - A Vue composition function that makes infinite scroll a breeze
  • vue-with-wrapper - An object deconstruction used in template

# Typescript

# HTTP Requests

Retrieve data over HTTP

  • vue-resource - The HTTP client for Vue.js.
  • vue-async-computed - Async computed properties for Vue.js.
  • vue-jsonp - A tiny library for handling JSONP request.
  • v-model - V-Model is a model plugin for Vue.js, like ng-resource.
  • vue-resource-mock - A helper to mock your http response, based on vue-resource's interceptor.
  • vue-async-data-2 - Async data loading plugin for Vue.js.
  • vue-api-request - A plugin that provides full control on your APIs, making your request simple, fast and easy to implement.
  • vue-fast-axios - Make requests with validations in a simple and beautiful way.
  • vue-async-properties - An asyncData and asyncComputed plugin with support for debouncing, transforming results, error handlers, loading/pending flags, lazy/eager requests.
  • vue-axios-plugin - A plugin that combines axios with Vuejs, making http request more easier.
  • zipkin-instrumentation-vue-resource - An interceptor for vue-resource that instruments outgoing HTTP requests with Zipkin
  • vue-api-query - Elegant and simple way to build requests for REST API.
  • vue-chimera - A full-featured RESTful resource based client, compatible with Nuxt.js and allows server side fetch.
  • vue-apis - A vue plug-in integrated with axios that chain-builds API instances. Available from the context of a vue instance (eg: this.$apis.apiName()).

# i18n

Internationalization / L10n / localization / translation

  • vue-i18n - Internationalization plugin for Vue.js.
  • vue-translate-plugin - VueJS plugin for translations.
  • vuex-i18n - Localization plugin for vue.js 2.0 using vuex as store.
  • vue-gettext - Translate your Vue.js applications with gettext.
  • vue-i18n - A small plugin for implementing translations in Vue.js.
  • vue-multilanguage - Support many languages in Vue.js 2.
  • vue-ts-locale - A plugin for implementing translations using Intl in Vue.js 2 with typescript support.
  • vue-i18next - A i18next wrapper to support translations in Vue.js 2.
  • vue-polyglot - Basic translation plugin for Vue.js 2 with async loading.
  • v-localize - Simple localization plugin for the amazing Vue.js.
  • vue-simple-i18n - Probably the thinnest library to end all Vue i18n solutions within 1kb
  • template-string-i18n - I18n using template strings with auto save/load translate documents.
  • vue-translations - Translate your vuejs application easy with it.
  • vue-i18n-service - Export and import vue-i18n's SFC translations
  • vue-i18n-filter - Vue filter extend for Vue-i18n, simply using {{ hello world | t }}.
  • vue-translation-manager - Interactively find and translate strings in your Vue.js application. Works well with vue-18n and vuex-i18n.
  • vue-t9n - Simplest way to translate your applications
  • vue-simple-inline-translation - A Vue component that simplifies the way text is translated: by translating it inline.
  • vue-i18n-extract - Manage vue-i18n localization with static analysis. Make reports about missing and unused i18n entries.
  • vscode-vue-i18n-ally - VSCode extension for better Vue-i18n experiences.
  • v-intl - Global Intl wrapper for your awesome Vue 3 app

# Custom Events

# Persistence

LocalStorage etc.

  • vue-localstorage - Vue.js localStorage plugin with types support.
  • vue-ls - Vue plugin for work with LocalStorage from Vue context.
  • vue-pouch - Live and reactive bindings for PouchDB. Persist data in IndexedDB and sync with CouchDB.
  • vue-idb - Lists and huge lists management with IndexedDB (Dexie.js) only or automatically created and extendible vuex modules
  • vue-browserstore - Browser storage wrapper.
  • VueStorage - Allows components to save and load their data across browser sessions.
  • vue-web-storage - Another Vue.js plugin for localStorage and sessionStorage
  • vue-universal-cookies - Isomorphic cookies plugin for Vue.js / Nuxt.js supports Browser, Express, http (node).
  • vue2-storage - Browser storage for Vue.js app
  • vue-warehouse - A Cross-browser storage for Vue.js and Nuxt.js, with plugins support and easy extensibility based on Store.js.
  • vue-storage-watcher - A reactive localStorage/sessionStorage plugin for Vue.js with strong typed.

# State Management

  • vuex - Centralized State Management for Vue.js.
  • vue-sync - Synchronize Vue State with the Browser URL, Server Backend, and other endpoints.
  • vuelm - Lightweight state management inspired by Elm architecture.
  • vuez - A simple but powerful State Management for Vue.js, with only 2 APIs.
  • vuet - Vue.js state management model for Agile Development
  • vue-ya-stash - Yet Another stash storage with update/patch event emitters simillar with v-bind.sync
  • vue-assign-model - Automatically assign elements value to model for Vue.js.
  • vue-stash - Easily share reactive data between your Vue components.
  • vue-model - Model component for Vue.js
  • tuex - A mostly reasonable alternative to Vuex.
  • revuejs - A tiny, light and handy state management for vuejs 2, writing less verbose code.
  • lue - Vue and vuex based library, writing less verbose code.
  • vuex-lite - A 1KB Vuex with just state and mutations.
  • vue-shared - A light and simple alternative to vuex
  • vuex-module-generator - It allows you to create a vuex module easily.
  • vuex-declaration - Declare state like props, make state inject to vuex dynamically when component created.
  • vuex-up - Brings mixing and services injector features to module vuex.
  • effector - Fast and powerful reactive state manager. Effector lets you write simple, fast and type safe code and manage reactive state with ease.
  • nano-state-vue - Efficient, effective, and extensible state management: less is more
  • universal-model-vue - Unified state management for Vue (and also for Angular/React/Svelte)
  • vue-states - State management system for Vue with same API as Vue components

# Redux

# Mobx

  • movue - Mobx integration for Vue.js.
  • vue-mobx - Mobx binding for Vuejs 2.x.

# Authentication/Authorization

  • vue-kindergarten
  • vue-authenticate - Simple Vue.js authentication library for login/register and OAuth (1.0/2.0) authentication
  • vue-facebook-account-kit - Simple vue wrapper to the fb account kit library.
  • casl-vue - Restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access
  • vue-google-api - A wrapper for easy integration of the Google's APIs client in any vue.js 2 project, based on promises, with built-in Oauth2 "Sign In with Google" facilities.
  • vue-auth - A simple light-weight authentication library for Vue.js
  • vue-auth-plugin - A simple authentication and authorization library for Vue.js using typescript
  • vue-google-signin-button - A simple Vue plugin to include a Google sign-in button into your web app
  • vue-facebook-signin-button - A simple plugin to include a custom Facebook sign-in button into your web app
  • vue-auth-href - A VueJS directive for downloading files that are under a protected route schema
  • vue-msal - Vue plugin for using Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)

# Vuex Utilities

  • vuex-persistedstate - Persist Vuex state with localStorage.
  • vuex-plugin-jsdata - A plugin for syncing Vuex store with js-data.
  • vuex-local - Local state management within Vuex.
  • vuex-action - Utilities for vuex to easily create and manage actions.
  • vuex-rest-api - A Helper utility to simplify the usage of REST APIs with Vuex. Based on axios.
  • vuex-cache - A Vuex plugin utility to cache action those will make remote request.
  • vuex-persist - A Typescript-ready Vuex plugin to help save the store to localStorage or any custom Storage (that you can configure).
  • vuex-local-state - Add 'localState/sessionState' options to vuex. Keep the Vuex state with localStorage.
  • vuex-cli-scaffold - Scaffold vuex actions, mutations, getters and the state.
  • vuex-action-reload - A vuex plugin that reloads actions when a condition is met.
  • vuejs-storage - Vue.js and vuex plugin to persistence data with localStorage/sessionStorage.
  • vuex-orm - The Vuex plugin to enable Object-Relational Mapping access to the Vuex Store.
  • vuex-async-module - Reduce async boilerplate code generating Vuex modules. Compatible with Vue 2.x.
  • vuex-api - A vuex plugin for effortlessly handle api calls.
  • vuex-queries - Vuex-Queries helps you write query functions in Vuex
  • vuex-iframe-sync - Vuex state synchronization between iframe/window.
  • vuex-aspect - Bind remote data of any kind to the vuex store.
  • Vuenut - is a component to develop faster and more fluently
  • vuex-map-fields - Enable two-way data binding for form fields.
  • vuex-search - Vuex binding for client-side search with indexers and Web Workers.
  • vuex-dry - helps keep your vuex codes DRY.
  • vuex-pathify - provides a unified path syntax to Vuex stores (such as foo/bar@a.b.c)
  • vuex-loading - Simplify vuex loading state management
  • vuex-module-builder - Vuex module builder is a wrapper for writing vuex stores efficiently with some common methods built-in.
  • vuex-pagination - Easily work with paginated resources in your Vue/Vuex application. Works well with most of the Vue pagination components.
  • vuex-easy-firestore - Easy coupling of Firebase Cloud Firestore and Vuex. 2-way sync with 0 boilerplate!
  • vuex-listener - A global Vuex action and mutation listener plugin
  • jsonapi-vuex - Use a JSONAPI api with a Vuex store, with client-side restructuring/normalization of records.
  • vue-request-store - A Vue & Vuex plugin to simplify tracking API request statuses
  • vuexi - Provides utilities to simplify async actions and state management
  • stfalcon-vuex-loading-plugin - The easiest way to handle loading state of vuex
  • Vue Rest Resource - Rest HTTP resource management for Vue.js and Vuex projects
  • Vuex Stateshot - A State Snapshot plugin on Actions/Mutations for Vuex3.1+
  • vuex-loopback - Vuex module factory and Vue components for Loopback
  • vuex-state-snapshot - A Vuex plugin to take state snapshot on mutation
  • vuex-awesome-async - It wraps Vuex stores to easily manage async requests (loading, error and cache state
  • vuex-factories - Factory functions to generate vuex actions and mutations
  • vuex-hooks - TypeScript enabled Vuex composition-api hooks
  • vuex-composition-helpers - A util package to use Vuex with Composition API easily
  • vuex-ts-enhance - A tool to enhance mapXXX and dispatch methods hint

# Sync Between Tabs

# GraphQL

# Concurrency Management

  • vuency - Concurrency management for Vue.js.

# Code Style

Improve readability of code


  • vue-bem-cn - Simple BEM class name generator for Vue.JS.
  • vue-css - Vue.js plugin that allows you to bundle CSS with your components.
  • vue-mods-names - Adding modificators to class names for all components in app.
  • vue-styler - Simple, performant styler for vue.
  • vue-css-modules - Seamless mapping of class names to CSS Modules inside of Vue components.
  • vue-simple-bem - Directive with succint syntax for adding BEM class names to elements.
  • fela-vue - CSS-IN-JS mixin for Vue designed for flexibility yet team-oriented.
  • j-vue
  • vue-spinners-css - Collection of pure CSS vue spinners components, css spinners for ajax or loading animation based on loading.io
  • vue-css-doodle - Porting of css-doodle, a web component for drawing patterns with CSS

# Asset Management

Utilities for building / compiling / bundling / loading assets

  • vue-script2 - Standardized, designer-friendly script tag behavior for your Single Page App.
  • vue-loader - Webpack loader for Vue.js components.
  • vueify - Browserify transform for single-file Vue components.
  • vue-compiler - A simple cli wrapper around the vue-component-compiler.
  • vue-brunch - Adds support to Brunch for pre-compiling single file Vue components.
  • poi - Start writing an app with a single .js file, Poi could handle all the development setups for you, no more configuration hell.
  • http-vue-loader - Load .vue files directly from your html/js without node.js environment nor build step.
  • vue-jsx-hot-loader - Enable HMR for Vue.js components with JSX render functions.
  • VueInBrowserLoader - Loads a .vue file from the given URL and compiles it to a component directly in the browser.
  • vue-separate-files-webpack-loader - Webpack loader for separated Vue components parts
  • vue-svg-loader - webpack loader that lets you use SVG files as Vue components
  • vue-registrar - A package that dynamically registers your components and vuex modules - Makes your code a lot readable!
  • vue-automatic-import-loader - Webpack loader that auto-imports your Vue single file components by using a match function
  • vue-aimg-loader - An easy way to use images in Vue templates without writing CSS
  • vue-navigation - A page navigation library, record routes and cache pages, like native app navigation. 一个页面导航库,记录路由并缓存页面,像原生APP导航一样。
  • vue-acl - Access Control List for VueJS 2.
  • vue-breadcrumbs - Implements simple breadcrumb functionality with vue-router for both Vue 1.x and Vue 2.x.
  • vue-2-breadcrumbs - breadcrumb together with vue-router for Vue 2.x. and Bootstrap 4
  • vs-crumbs - Vue breadcrumbs in 40 lines of code that allows nested paths without child views.
  • vue-nav - Page navigation manager, support all navigation function of native mobile app. 页面导航管理器,支持手机原生应用的所有导航功能。
  • vue-2-crumbs - Breadcrumbs plugin for Vue.js 2 framework that allows to select parent route in route meta object with no need of sub-routing. Also allows using dynamic data.
  • vue-pesdk - Vue.js wrapper for the PhotoEditorSDK
  • vue-resolve - Resolve routes data before entering / rendering the component for that route.
  • vue-page-stack - Routing and navigation for your Vue SPA. Vue 单页应用导航管理器

# Miscellaneous

# Web Workers

  • vue-worker - A Vue.js plugin to use webworkers in a simply way.
  • vue-log-worker - A Vue.js plugin to log error and vuex mutations to your backend through a web worker


# Migration

# Web Sockets

# Payment

Payment utilities.

# Stripe

# PayPal

# Plaid