# Developer Tools

  • vue-dev-server - A small development server for building vue components.
  • Storybook - The UI Development Environment. works with v3.2+ later.
  • Font Awesome Finder - Chrome extension to search, preview and choose Font Awesome icons and copy the selected icon HTML code & Unicode to clipboard.
  • vue-dummy - Placeholder Text and Dummy Images as a simple v-dummy directive.
  • Bit - Manage and reuse vue components between projects. Easily isolate and share components from any project without changing its source code, organize curated collections and install in different projects.
  • ComponentFixture - is a component design to develop and test other components, automatically binding their props.
  • vue-cli-template-dev-server - development server for building vue-cli custom templates.
  • vue-codemods - Collection of codemod scripts that help update and refactor Vue and JavaScript files
  • codesandbox - An online IDE and prototyping tool for rapid Vue development
  • vue-dom-hints - Get hints in the DOM. Minimal Vue devtool alternative

# Inspect

Inspecting & debugging

  • Vue.js devtools - Chrome devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.
  • DejaVue - Visualization and debugging tool built for Vue.js.
  • vue-clicky - Right click any component to show info about it in the console.
  • vuejs-logger - Provides customizable logging functionality for Vue.js.
  • bugsnag-vue - Official Vue.js plugin for bugsnag error reporting
  • vue-inspector - Vue.js Inspector for Mobile Devices
  • Vue Performance Devtool - Vue Performance Devtool is a browser extension for inspecting the performance of Vue Components
  • VueSource - Global Vue mixin which identifies components in source code by adding HTML comments
  • NW-Vue-DevTools - DevDependency for adding Vue DevTools into NW.js
  • bruit-io - Collect feedbacks with screenshot and technical data and post them to an API like bruit.io.

# Docs

Create documentation

# Test

  • avoriaz - A Vue.js testing utility library.
  • vuenit - Utilities for testing Vue components and directives.
  • vue-unit - A library for Vue.js that makes it easier to create and unit test components.
  • vue-a2b - A library for Split Testing with Vue.js (A/B Testing). Highly configurable and tiny (1.2k gzipped)
  • vue-test-utils - Official utilities for testing Vue components.
  • vue-test-actions - Unit testing Vuex actions with Jest mocks.
  • jest-vue-matcher - Additional jest matchers for vue
  • vue-hubble - A better way to select elements for UI testing in Vue.
  • Vue Testing Library - Simple and complete testing utilities that encourage good testing practices. Based on DOM Testing Library and built upon the official Vue Test Utils.
  • jest-serializer-vue-tjw - Improved formatting of Jest Snapshots
  • vuex-test-utils - Unit testing Vux with chai

# Browser-less require

Load Vue components without browser

  • vuegister - Vuegister (a portmanteau of vue & register) is a require hook for loading of the Vue.js single-file components (or .vue files).
  • vue-node - Load vue components in node.

# Source Code Editing

Text editor plugins

# Atom

# Sublime Text

# Vim

# Visual Studio Code

# Visual Studio

  • VuePack - Contains HTML Intellisense and code snippets for the Vue.js JavaScript library.

# Brackets

# Intellij

# Emacs

# Kate

  • Kate Syntax Files - Syntax files (modified or original) for katepart (kate, kwrite, kdevelop).