# UI Components

# Table

Tables / data grids

  • vuetable-2 - Data table simplify.
  • vue-tables-2 - Vue.js 2 grid components.
  • vue-datasource - A vue.js server side component to create dynamic tables.
  • ag-grid-vue - Vue adaptor for ag-Grid
  • vue-data-tables - Vue2.0 DataTables, based on element-ui.
  • vue-floatThead - Vue 2.0 component for floatThead, a floating & sticky table header plugin.
  • vuetiful-datatable - Datatable component with sorting, filtering, pagination, grouping and aggregation.
  • vue-materialize-datatable - VueJS datatable for Materialize CSS
  • vue-good-table - An easy to use, VueJS (2.x) table plugin with sorting, column filtering, pagination etc.
  • vue-grid - A flexible grid component for Vue.js
  • vue-easytable - A powerful table components based on Vue2.x
  • vue2-datatable-component - The best Datatable for Vue.js 2.x which never sucks
  • vue-js-grid - Vue.js 2.x responsive grid system with smooth sorting, drag-n-drop and reordering
  • vue-handsontable-official - A Vue.js wrapper for the Handsontable spreadsheet component
  • vue-grid - A powerful flexbox grid system for Vue.js 2.x, built with inline-styles
  • vue-data-tablee - Based on vue-good-table, a simple and pretty table component
  • vue-scrolling-table - Simple table component with flexbox sizing, scrolled table body (horizontal and vertical), slots for all tr/th/td rendering.
  • el-search-table-pagination - Combines Form, Table and Pagination components of Element UI together. Based on Vue 2.x.(Detail)
  • vue-crud-x - Extensible crud component using Vuetify layout, other than the usual page, sort, filter, it is able to do nested CRUD, custom forms, filters, operations.
  • Vue Datatable - VueJS powered Datatable with Laravel server-side loading and JSON template setup
  • v2-table - A simple table component based Vue 2.x.
  • vue-cheetah-grid - A high-performance grid engine that work on a canvas for Vue.js.
  • vue-table-component - A straight to the point Vue component to display tables.
  • @lossendae/vue-table - Simple table component for Vue.js 2.x with pagination and sortable columns.
  • el-data-table - base on element-ui, makes crud easilys
  • DevExtreme Vue Grid - High-performance plugin-based Vue data grid for Bootstrap.
  • vue-ads-table-tree - A vue Table component, with filtering, sorting and pagination. Rows can have child rows, so a tree structure can be build. It also supports async calls to load rows from the backend. It's built with the css framework tailwindcss
  • @marketconnect/vue-pivot-table - A vue component for pivot table
  • vue-teible - Lightweight and flexible table component for the web
  • vue-jqxgrid - Vue data grid with filtering, sorting, editing, grouping, data export and other features.
  • vue-jqxpivotgrid - Vue pivot data grid with pivot designer, drill through cells, pivot functions.
  • toast-ui.vue-grid - Vue Wrapper for TOAST UI Grid.
  • vueye-datatable - Vueye data table is a responsive data table component based on Vue.js 2, it organizes your data per pages in order to navigate easily.
  • vue-sorted-table - A plugin to turn tables into sorted tables. Supports nested object keys, custom icons and reusable components.
  • vue-bootstrap4-table - An advanced data table based on Vue 2 and Bootstrap 4, which includes Multi column filtering, Multi column sorting, Pagination & Info, Checkbox rows and Highly customizable slot options.
  • vuejs-smart-table - Straight Forward Table Component using the vanilla HTML Table Structure with Sorting, Filtering, Pagination and Selection out of the box.
  • @myena/vue-table - Table Components for Client/Server data handling. Filter, sort, paginate, group, expanding details row. Highly customizible via slots for filter, headers, column, pagination, details row.
  • @alfsnd/vue-bootstrap-select - Vue version of bootstrap-select.
  • vue-jd-table - Advanced and flexible data table component for Vue 2. Feature Rich: search, filtering, exporting, pagination (traditional and virtual scroll) and so much more!
  • iview-table-page - Combines Table and Page components of iview UI together. Based on Vue 2.x. And Hear are some examples to use iview-table-page.
  • fancy-grid-vue - Vue adaptor for FancyGrid
  • vue-table-dynamic - A dynamic table with sorting, filtering, editing, pagination, multiple select, etc.
  • vue-quintable - A responsive and highly configurable table based on Vue 2.x and Bootstrap 4.x
  • vue-grid-responsive - Responsive grid system based on Bootstrap for Vue 2.x

# Notification

Toaster / snackbar — Notify the user with a modeless temporary little popup

# Loader

Loaders / spinners / progress bars — Let the user know that something is loading

# Progress Bar

A slim progress bar at the top of the page

# Tooltip

Tooltips / popovers

# Overlay

Overlay / modal / alert / dialog / lightbox / popup

  • vuedals - A VueJS (2.x) Plugin for multiple modals windows with a single component instance.
  • sweet-modal-vue - The sweetest library to happen to modals. Now available for Vue.js.
  • vue-js-modal - Simple to use, highly customizable, mobile friendly Vue.js 2.0+ modal with 0 dependencies.
  • vudal - Modal window for vue.js
  • vodal - A vue modal with animations.
  • vue-image-lightbox - A Vue image lightbox/gallery to display images nicely.
  • vue2-simplert - Vue 2 Simple Alert Component (SweetAlert Inspired) By Irfan Maulana
  • Vue-Semantic-Modal - Vue 2 Semantic-UI modal component without jQuery dependency
  • v-img - Easy to install image gallery.
  • vue-dialog-drag - Draggable dialog
  • vue-ya-semantic-modal - Yet another semantic-ui modal component for Vue2 without Jquery but with Vue transition
  • vue-pure-lightbox - Very simple lightbox plugin without any dependencies - only Vue!
  • v-viewer - Image viewer component for vue, supports rotation, scale, zoom and so on, based on viewer.js
  • vue-messagebox - Easy and made-to-order messagebox component on Vue.
  • vuejs-dialog - A lightweight, promise based alert, prompt and confirm dialog.
  • @hscmap/vue-window - Window UI Component for vue2.
  • vue-gallery - VueJS responsive and customizable image and video gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers. Based on blueimp-gallery
  • vue-swal - A small wrapper for integrating SweetAlert to Vuejs. (Compatible with SSR)
  • vue-modal-dialogs - Promisify your own dialogs!
  • vue-img-view - a plugin for Vue.js, you can drag / view / rotate pictures anywhere
  • vue-modaltor - most advance configurable modal component for vuejs
  • v-modal-backdrop - A simple generic backdrop component for vue
  • vue-cute-modal - A simple and easy to use Modal component for Vue applications.
  • v-dialogs - A simple and powerful dialog, including Modal, Alert, Mask and Toast modes, based on Vue2.x
  • vue-gallery-slideshow - Responsive gallery component for VueJS
  • vue-a11y-dialog - A Vue.js component wrapper for the accessible dialog a11y-dialog.
  • vue-slideout-panel - Stackable panel component for VueJS
  • v-gallery - A Vue2 plugin for images show in gallery or carousel
  • vue2-image-loader - A image lazyLoad loader component for vue2
  • vue-my-photos - A simple dependency-free image lightbox component with filtering capabilities
  • vue-img-orientation-changer - A Vue.js directive that automatically adjust your img to correct orientation.
  • vue-topmodal - A fully customisable, easy to use, Vue.js modal component. (Responsive, Stackable, Scrollable, Animated)
  • vue-modal - Feed your objects array for multiple switchable modal content or quickly inline your content. A fully customisable vue modal component.
  • @innologica/vue-stackable-modal - Library for modal dialogs which can be stacked. Fully customizable and very easy to use.
  • vue-sweetalert2 - Wrapper for sweatlaert2 with support for TypeScript, Nuxt and SSR
  • vue-modality - A really nice Vue.js modal component
  • vue-tinybox - A tiny (only 2.5 KB minzipped) and slick lightbox gallery. Optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • vue-accessible-modal - A Vue.js accessible modal wrapper over your components
  • vuetify-dialog - Dialogs easy to use with Vuetify
  • vue-hawesome-modal - A Vue promisify modal component plugin based on Vuetify with Vuex
  • xmodal-vue - A simplistic and easy to use wrapper around your components that will help you create custom and dynamic modals, from your component
  • @kouts/vue-modal - A customizable, stackable and lightweight modal component that adheres to the guidelines set in WAI-ARIA Dialog (Modal) section of W3C
  • vue-final-modal - Tailwind-friendly, highly customizable, stackable modal component
  • vuesence-modal-window - Simple Modal window Vue.js component that takes care of overlay, centering, animation, outside click/Escape key/X-mark closing and allows you to concentrate on its content only

# Parallax

  • vue-parallax - Scrolls an image slower than the window to create a neat optical effect.
  • vue-parallaxy - Vue.js component for parallax image scroll effects.
  • vue-mouse-parallax - A simple to use Mouse Parallax Component - Made with Vue.js
  • vue-parallax-js - Tiny vue component that adds a directive for parallax effect on elements.
  • vue-parallax-view - Create a composite control that displays different images that react to the mouse movement to create a depth effect

# Icons

# Marquee

# Minus Plus Input

  • vue-easy-slider - Slider Component of Vue.js.
  • vue-l-carousel - A responsive carousel(namely slider or swiper) component for Vue.js v2.x+.
  • vue-awesome-swiper - Swiper(slide) component for Vue.js(1.x ~ 2.x).
  • vue-lory - Vue Slider Component based on lory.
  • vue-slick - Vue component for Slick-carousel.
  • vue-flickity - A Vue Component for Flickity.js.
  • vue-carousel-3d - Vue Carousel 3D - Beautiful, flexible and touch supported 3D Carousel for Vue.js.
  • vue-carousel - A flexible, responsive, touch-friendly carousel for Vue.js.
  • vue-coverflow - A vue2.x coverflow component.
  • vue-agile – A carousel component inspired by Slick, written in Vue.js and vanilla JS only.
  • vue-tiny-slider - A carousel component created by ganlanyuan, written in Vue.js. No jQuery. Works in IE8+.
  • vue2-text-swimlane - A Text Swimlane plugin for Vue.js
  • vue-picture-swipe - Vue Picture Swipe Gallery (a gallery of image with thumbnails, lazy-load and swipe) backed by photoswipe.
  • vue2-siema - Plugin wrapper for the very tiny Siema carousel/slider library.
  • vue-flux - Image slider which comes with 20 cool transitions.
  • vue-glide - Vue slider & carousel component on top of the Glide.js
  • vue-owl-carousel - Vue component for Owl Carousel 2
  • vueper-slides - A touch ready and responsive slideshow / carousel for Vue JS.
  • Hooper - Customizable accessible carousel slider optimized for Vue
  • Lingallery - Simple image gallery component for Vue which displays a large image with thumbnails below
  • vue-piece-slider - Animated slides in a fragmented look
  • vue2-photo-carousel - A photo carousel component for Vue2
  • vue-netflix-slider - A Netflix like slider
  • vue-pswipe - Easy to use, no need to set the size, support rotation, photoswipe based vue swipe plugin
  • vue-cat-carousel - Lightweight, simple and customizable for Vue Js
  • @egjs/vue-flicking - It's reliable, flexible and extendable carousel for Vue.js 2
  • slither-slider - Carousel for images, videos, or components. Throw pretty much anything you want at it
  • vue-slick-carousel - A carousel with slick features & SSR support written for faster Luxstay
  • @jfm/vue-carousel - A Vue carousel component
  • vue-snap - Lightweight Carousel based on Scroll Snap CSS
  • vuerollr - Mouseover gallery plugin for Vue.js. Supports image and video
  • vue-splide - Splide is a free lightweight but powerful slider and carousel, written in pure JavaScript without any dependencies. It supports a thumbnail slider, nested slide

# Charts

# Time

Display time / date / age

# Calendar

Display non-editable events in a Calendar

# Map

# Audio / Video

# Infinite Scroll

# Pull-to-refresh

  • vue-pull-refresh - A pull to refresh component for Vue.js 2.0.
  • vue-pull-to - A pull-down refresh and pull-up load more and infinite scroll for Vue.js component.
  • vue-data-loading - Another component for infinite scroll and pull down/up to load data.
  • vue-quick-loadmore - A pull-down refresh and pull-up infinite scroll plugin for Vue.

# Markdown

  • vue-markdown - A Powerful and Highspeed Markdown Parser for Vue.
  • vue-mavonEditor - A markdown editor based on Vue that supports a variety of personalized features.
  • vue-simple-markdown - A Simple and Highspeed Markdown Parser for Vue.
  • vue-simplemde - A wrapper around simplemde. Delightful editing for beginners and experts alike. Features built-in autosaving and spell checking.


  • vue-pdf - A pdf viewer based on mozilla's PDF.js
  • pdfvuer - A PDF viewer for Vue using Mozilla's PDF.js with text support. Demo

# Tree

# Graphs

  • vue-pipeline - A easy-to-use component to show beautiful responsive pipeline like jenkins blue ocean plugin

# Social Sharing

  • vue-social-sharing - A renderless Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks, compatible with SSR
  • vue-goodshare - Vue.js component for social share with beautiful button design. Simple install, extensive documentation, developer support, SEO friendly, clean code without scripts tracking user activity on the page, high speed. Work with Vue.js 2.x.
  • vue-socialmedia-share - A Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks, with Vue 2.X
  • vue-picture-sharesheet - A Vue Picture Sharesheet Component heavily inspired by the Image Sharesheet in Apple's Newsroom
  • vue-twitter - A Vue.js component for embed twitter widgets (e.g timeline, buttons)
  • vue-share-buttons - Vue.js component for placing buttons in your project using which you can share anything
  • vue-share-it - A Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks
  • vuesocial - One easy-to-use button component for Vue.js with 65+ social networks

# QR Code

  • vue-qriously - A Vue.js 2 component to draw QR codes on an HTML Canvas using qrious.
  • vue-qart - The directive of vue 2.x for qart.js.
  • vue-qrcode-reader - A Vue.js 2 component which detects and decodes QR codes from a camera stream.

# Miscellaneous UI Components

  • vue-avatar - An avatar component for vue.js.
  • vue-touch-ripple - Touch ripple component for Vue.js(1.x ~ 2.x).
  • vue-typer - Vue component that simulates a user typing, selecting, and erasing text.
  • vue-keyboard - Vue 2 virtual keyboard component.
  • vue-twentytwenty - Image comparison component, works with Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-cookie-law - Cookie info plugin for Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-gravatar - A dead-simple gravatar component for Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-clipboard2 - An easy to use clipboard.js binding for Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-flashcard - FLashcard component with animation for Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-truncate-collapsed - A simple component that truncates your text and adds a 'Read More/Show Less' clickable for Vue.js 2.x
  • vue-kanban - A flexible drag and drop kanban board component
  • vue-letter-avatar - A simple and elegant letter avatar component for vue.js
  • vue-highlightjs - Syntax highlighting with highlight.js
  • v-clipboard - Simple, tiny and easy to use directive to save your models to clipboard (less than 2kb minified, no dependencies)
  • vue-invisible-recaptcha - Super easy integration for Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • vue-embed - Embed component is based on embed.js for Vue 2.x, a component that embeds emojis, media, maps, tweets, gists, code, services and markdown.
  • vue-particles - Vue.js component for particles backgrounds
  • vue-uniq-ids - Vue.js 2.x plugin that helps to use id-related attributes with no side-effect
  • vue-multivue - Use multiple vue apps of the same class on the same page.
  • vue-affix - A Vue.js 2.x plugin that affixes an element in the window while you scroll, similar to Bootstrap Affix but much simpler and smarter
  • X-Browser-Update-Vue - A Vue.js browser-update plugin.
  • vue-query-builder - A UI component for building complex queries with nested conditionals.
  • vue-info-card - A simple and beautiful card component with an elegant spark line and CSS3 flip animation.
  • v-offline - Simple, tiny and easy to use detection of offline & online events for your Vue app (less than 390b minified)
  • vue-word-cloud - A word cloud generator.
  • vue-flat-surface-shader - A Vue component for flat surface shader
  • vue-easteregg - Easey add an easteregg to your vue app (default with konami code)
  • vue-barcode-scanner
  • vue-heatmapjs - A Vue directive for tracking and visualising mouse activity
  • vue-maze - An itty-bitty maze game made as Vue.js component
  • vue-drag-verify - This is a vue component, which is sliding to unlock for login or sign up.
  • vue-balloon - Vue components for creating fixed, zoomable containers in the corner of a page. Similar to the mail composition wrapper used in gmail.
  • vue-sticker - Sticker effect to any directions
  • v-rating - Rating component in Semantic-UI made with VueJS (< 500B gzipped, blazing fast)
  • vue-content-placeholders - Composable components for rendering fake (progressive) content like facebook in vue
  • vue-page-designer - Vue component for drag-and-drop to design and build mobile website.
  • vue-creativecommons - CreativeCommons.org Vue.js components library.
  • vue-status-indicator - A Vue.js component to show status indicator as colored dots.
  • vue-google-adsense - Vue.js Google Adsense Component with InFeed and InArticle Ads support
  • emoji-vue - Emoji dropdown for Vue.js project
  • vue-chessboard - Chessboard vue component to load positions, create positions and see threats.
  • vue-mindmap - Vue component for mindnode maps.
  • v-currency - Vue component for formatting currency.
  • vue-emoji-picker - Highly customizable unicode emoji picker
  • vue-8-puzzle - An itty-bitty slide puzzle game made as Vue.js component
  • vue-e164 - Customizable phone formatter with E.164 standart support
  • vue-pgn - Vue.js component for viewing chess games in pgn format
  • vue-avatar-editor - Resize, rotate and crop your uploaded avatar using a clear user interface.
  • vue-connection-listener - Vue event bus plugin listening for online/offline changes.
  • vue-sauce - "View source" directive for Vue.
  • vue-prom - Vue promise wrapper component.
  • numeric-keyboard - Numeric keyboard for mobile browsers.
  • vue-zoom-on-hover - Image zoom on mouse hover
  • vue-responsive-image - A Vue component that lets you quickly create responsive image tags with an optimal number of image sources for all devices.
  • vue-highlight-text - Vue component for highlight multiple instances of a word
  • vue-cast-props - Provides a convenient way of converting props to common data types.
  • vue2-heropatterns - A Vue2 implementation allowing you to add the popular Hero Patterns onto any Div
  • vue-link - One component to link them all (treat external and internal links same)
  • vue-identify-network - Identify what kinda internet your users are using!
  • vue-cloneya - A vue component to clone DOM elements
  • vue-survey-builder - Survey builder for vue.js applications
  • vue-if-bot - A lightweight component to hide/show content to clients based on the user agent
  • vue-clampy - Vue.js (2+) directive that clamps the content of an element by adding an ellipsis to it if the content inside is too long.
  • vue-cookie-accept-decline - Show a banner with text, a decline button, and an accept button on your page. Remembers selection using cookies. Emits an event with current selection on creation. Good for GDPR requirements.
  • @lossendae/vue-avatar - An avatar component for VueJS 2.0.
  • vue-text-highlight - Text highlighter library for Vue.js
  • vue2-hammer - Hammer.js wrapper for Vue 2.x to support mobile touch..
  • vue-countable - Vue binding for countable.js. Provides real-time paragraph, sentence, word, and character counting.
  • v-show-slide - A Vue.js directive for animating an element to and from height: auto in a sliding motion.
  • vue-swipe-actions - iOS style swipe actions for Vue.js
  • vue-friendly-iframe - A Vue js component for creating super fast loading, non-blocking iframes.
  • vue-beautiful-chat - A simple and beautiful Vue chat component backend agnostic, fully customizable and extendable.
  • vue-magnifier - A simple image zooming / magnifying component for Vue.js 2.x.
  • vue-highlight-words - Vue component to highlight words within a larger body of text. Ported from react-highlight-words
  • vue-tags-ball - Create a beautiful and spherical tag with this plugin
  • vue-rippler - Simple Vue.js plugin for custom ripple effect
  • vue-contacts - Mobile contacts component for Vue
  • basic-vue-chat - Easy to use Vue.js chat
  • vue-resize-text - A vue directive which automatically resize font size based on element width.
  • vue-github-profile - A vue component to view the profile and repos of determined user
  • vue-niege - Single File Vue component to add a snow storm through a canvas.
  • vue-dynamic-star-rating - A highly dynamic vue stars rating component, like google play rating
  • vue-katex - Simple plugin for math typsetting using KaTeX in Vue.js
  • vue-baberrage - A simple Barrage plugin Base on Vue.js
  • vue-terminal-ui - Terminal UI emulator Vue: custom and basic commands
  • vue-command - A fully working Vue.js terminal emulator
  • vue-ribbon - Vue component for GitHub ribbons
  • avatio-avatar - Vue component for illustrated avatars - used by Avatio
  • vue-jazzicon - A dead-simple Jazzicon component for Vue.
  • vue-star-rating - A simple, highly customisable star rating component
  • vue-fixed-header - Simple and cross-browser friendly fixed header component for Vue.js written by TypeScript.
  • vue-particle-effect-buttons - A bursting particles effects buttons component.
  • vue-insomnia - Prevent display screen from sleeping (wake lock).
  • vue-car-plate-keyboard - A car license plate number keyboard for VueJS 2.x.(车牌号输入键盘,支持新能源车牌)
  • vue-dataflow-editor - Vue2 dataflow graph editor
  • vue-twemoji-picker - A fast plug-n-play Twemoji Picker (+textarea for Twemoji rendering) for Vue
  • vuejs-avataaars - Simple avatar generator Vue component for avataaars.
  • vue-moveable - A Vue Component that creates Moveable, Draggable, Resizable, Scalable, Rotatable, Warpable and more
  • vue-camera-gestures - Let users control your Vue app using AI and gestures in front of their camera in just 1 line in your HTML template
  • vue-aspect-ratio - A tiny component to handle aspect ratios with no effort
  • query-builder-vue - A query-builder library for building complex and nested queries with draggable re-ordering
  • vue-meeting-selector - A meeting selector inspired by doctolib, fast and fully custom made with TypeScript
  • cool-emoji-picker - A fast plug-n-play [Tw]emoji Picker (+textarea for Twemoji rendering) component for Vue – vue-web-cam - Webcam component for VueJs -vue-cursor-fx - An animated custom cursor effects for interactive elements like navigation, galleries and carousels
  • vuetimeline - One easy-to-use component to build beautiful responsive timelines
  • v-emoji-picker - A Lightweight and customizable package of Emoji Picker in Vue using emojis natives (unicode)
  • learnawesome-flashcard - Deck of flashcards with spaced-repetition via localStorage
  • vue-portfolio-viewer - Scroll animated portfolio viewer component for Vue.js
  • vue-text-middle-ellipsis - A simple vue-directive(2+) that clamps the content in the middle of the element if the content inside is too long
  • vuesence-book - Documentation/help system component
  • vue-turnjs - A component libary to add book experience to your app
  • vuesence-sliding-header - Sliding header(s) for top navigation bar(s)
  • Particles.vue - Vue.js component for particles background, based on tsParticles

# Tabs

# Form

Let the user create & edit data

# Phone Number Input Formatter

# Pincode Input

# Picker

# Generator

# Date Picker

Date / datetime / time Picker

# Select

  • vue-select - A native Vue.js component that provides similar functionality to Select2 without the overhead of jQuery.
  • vue-multiselect - Universal select/multiselect/tagging component for Vue.js.
  • stf-vue-select - most flexible and customized select Vue2
  • vue-select-image - Vue 2 Component for selecting image from list
  • @riophae/vue-treeselect - A multi-select component with nested options support for Vue.js.
  • @k186/pd-select - A mobile UI component like IOS picker for Vue 2.x,can be wheel pick what ever you defined.
  • vue-dropdowns - A minimalistic and adaptable way to display select boxes if using objects for vue2.x
  • v-cascade - A lovely component of cascade selector with Vue 2.x (Support both of PC and Mobile)
  • vue-multi-select - A custom component to make select/multiselect for Vue2.
  • v-region - A simple region selector, provide Chinese administrative division data.
  • v-selectpage - A powerful selector for Vue2, list or table view of pagination, use tags for multiple selection, i18n and server side resources supports.
  • vue-cool-select - Bootstrap / Material Design theme, support slots, autocomplete, events, validation and more.
  • @myena/advanced-select - Single/Multiple Select component with search, controls for (de)select all and a Bootstrap 3 theme
  • @alfsnd/vue-bootstrap-select - Vue version of bootstrap-select
  • vue-gridmultiselect - Simple multi-select component with items displayed in a table like UI
  • @SamuelTrottier/vue-wheel-select - A simple scrolling select component.
  • vue-search-select - Searchable select components and semantic-ui's dropdown compatible
  • vue-select-sides - A component for Vue.js to select double-sided data (2-sides)
  • vue-selectize - A Vue.js component wrapper around Selectize.js, a vanilla JS select component

# Slider

# Drag and Drop

  • vuedraggable - Vue component allowing drag-and-drop sorting in sync with View-Model. Based on Sortable.js.
  • vue-dragula - Drag and drop so simple it hurts.
  • vue2-dragula - A vue-dragula fork for Vue2, with a lot of improvements.
  • awe-dnd - A sortable list directive with Vue.
  • vue-draggable-resizable - Vue2 component for draggable and resizable elements.
  • vddl - Vue components for modifying lists with the HTML5 drag & drop API, supports VueJs versions 1 and 2.
  • vue-drag-drop - A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the HTML5 Drag and Drop API.
  • vue-swing - A swipeable cards interface, as seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder.
  • vue-slicksort - A dependency-free set of mixins for animated, touch-friendly, sortable lists
  • draggable-vue-directive - A simple directive to handle drag and drop of any Vue component.
  • vue-smooth-dnd - Vue wrappers of smooth-dnd library. drag and drop, sortable library covering for many cases.
  • vue-drag-resize - A dependency-free Vue component for draggable and resizable elements with aspect ratio, reactive props etc
  • vue-drag-it-dude - Vue2 component, that allows you to drag object wherever you want.
  • vue-draggable - Vue Drag and Drop library without any dependency. Simple and easy to use.
  • vue-nestable - A simple drag & drop hierarchical list made as a vue component.
  • vue-tinder - Have your own Tinder and TanTan
  • vue-draggable-nested-tree - A powerful customizable draggable tree view component for Vuejs2 @phphe
  • vue-card-swipe - A touch slider for vue.js, support sliding in any direction to switch cards, compatible with PC and mobile
  • vue-drag-n-drop - A simple kanban board where the items can be dragged and dropped from the list on to the board
  • vue-card-stack - Stackable, swipeable, tweakable Vue card component

# Autocomplete

Autosuggest / autocomplete / typeahead

  • vue-instant - Vue instant allows you to easily create custom search controls with auto suggestions for your vue 2 applications.
  • v-autocomplete - Autocomplete component for Vue.js
  • vue-auto-complete - Autocomplete for Vue2. Works with objects or api calls.
  • vue-autosuggest - WAI-ARIA complete Autosuggest component with full customization over rendering and styling.
  • v-autosuggest - A simple modular Vuejs component that autosuggest input from a dynamic or static data querying.
  • autocomplete - Simple Autocomplete component for Vue.js 2.*
  • vue-infinite-autocomplete - Vue infinite-autocomplete wrapper for Vue.js 2.*
  • vue-simple-suggest - Simple yet feature-rich autocomplete component for Vue.js
  • v-suggest - A Vue2 plugin for input content suggestions, support keyboard to quick pick.
  • vue-bootstrap-typeahead - An typeahead/autocomplete component for Vue2 using Bootstrap 4 CSS.
  • vue-email-dropdown - An autocomplete for custom email domains
  • vue-combo-blocks - Small, accessible, customizable and "renderless" autocomplete component for Vue

# Type Select

Let the user select a tag / something while typing

# Color Picker

# Switch

Switch / on/off toggle / checkbox

# Masked Input

# Rich Text Editing

# Image Manipulation

Edit images

Display images

  • vue-cloudinary - A vue (2.0) plugin that offers a reusable directive to get images from Cloudinary with dynamic manipulation (resizing, cropping, effects, watermarking, scaling, formatting) and optimization (webp, png, auto quality, auto retina).
  • img-Vuer - An Mobile-First image viewer/gallery for Vue2
  • vue-image-loader - A vue loader/progressive image plugin like Medium.
  • vue-load-image - display loader during image loading, as well as by display alternate content when the image fails to load.
  • vue-image-painter - Image magic animation drawing effect component for Vue 2.x
  • vue-cosha - An easy to use vue directive that places a colourful shadow behind any image
  • vue-image-kit - Vue.js Image Kit Component with Lazy Load built in and Responsive Images

# Video Manipulation

  • vue-playlist - A lightweight vue (2.0) component with no dependancies that offers truly seamless html5 video playback. The one and only working solution for seamless video play done with vanilla JS. It takes an array of videos and stitches them together into a single video.

# File Upload

  • vue-clip - Simple and hackable file uploader for VueJs. Supports Vue >= 2.1.
  • vue-simple-upload - Simple File upload component for Vue.js.
  • vue2-multi-uploader - A drag and drop multiple file uploader component that uses Vue.js v2 and Axios. Uploader shows file names, sizes and total size of files added. It also allows setting a minimum required number of files to upload.
  • vue-dropzone - A Vue.js (vue2) component for Dropzone.js - a drag’n’drop file uploads utility with image previews.
  • vue-transmit - A purely Vue.js drag & drop uploader component based on Dropzone.js for Vue 2.0
  • vue-upload-component - Vue upload component, Multi-file upload, Upload directory, Drag upload, Drag the directory. Supports Vue >= 2.0
  • vue-uploader - A Vue.js upload component powered by simple-uploader.js
  • ic-firebase-uploader - A clean multi-file upload component for Firebase storage.
  • vuejs-uploader - A resumable multipart file uploader for HUGE file uploads.
  • vue-filepond - A Vue.js component for FilePond - a file upload library that can upload anything you throw at it.
  • v-uploader - A Vue2 plugin to make files upload simple and easier, you can drag files or select file in dialog to upload
  • vue-file-agent - Full featured drag & drop enabled Vue file upload component with previews and upload progress

# Context Menu

# Miscellaneous Form Components

  • vue-gmaps - Search places and address using Google Maps API.
  • vuep - A component for rendering Vue components with live editor and preview.
  • vue-places - Places component is based on places.js for Vue 2.x. Turn any input into an address autocomplete.
  • vue-password-strength-meter - Password strength meter based on zxcvbn in vue.js.
  • vue-float-label - Float label pattern for Vue.js.
  • vue-longpress - A VueJS (2.x) button component that requires you to keep pressing to confirm a given action.
  • vue-google-autocomplete - A Vue.js (2.x) autosuggest component for the Google Maps Places API.
  • vue-default-value - Vue.js 2.x directive to set a default value for editable elements with no affect to the model state
  • vue-model-autoset - A Vue.js plugin to workaround Vue limitation in observing dynamically added properties with v-model directive
  • vue-submit - Simple implementation of Ladda (1, 2) in less than 90 lines of code with no dependencies.
  • vue-rate - Rate component for Vue
  • vuetify-google-autocomplete - A Vuetify ready Vue.js (2.x) autosuggest component for the Google Maps Places API.
  • vue-ripple-directive - Material Ripple Effect as Vue Directive.
  • vue-fab - Vue Floating Action Button.
  • vue-complexify - Vuejs porting library from jquery.complexify.js.
  • vue-mc - Models and Collections for Vue.js
  • vue-stars - Highly customizable rating control (using stars or other characters)
  • vue-confirmation-button - Customizable confirmation button that requires users to read messages before performing an action
  • vue-poll - A Vue.js component for voting
  • vue-diagrams - Diagram component for vue.js, inspired by react-diagrams
  • vue-easy-polls - A Vue.js component for creating polls, voting and showing results. It’s easy to implement and easy to customize.
  • vue-m-button - A beautiful button component for vue.
  • vue-long-click - Long click (long press) directive library for vue, support mobile and desktop.
  • vue-ui-predicate - A rules editor, generic filtering UI, predicates component for Vue JS.
  • vue-mobile-detection - Vue.js prototype function this.$isMobile() that returns a Boolean value depending on whether or not the user is browsing with a mobile.
  • vue-input-contenteditable - A Vue component wrapper for contenteditable with all the features you normally expect. Make beautiful inputs without the restrictions of input[type='text']
  • @utlime/vue-zoom - A Vue zoom component
  • vue-credit-card - A Vue Component for Credit Card Input & Masking & Preview
  • vue-simple-password-meter - Lightweight password strength meter with no dependency
  • vue-autosizer - A light replacement for built-in <textarea> and <input> elements allowing them to automatically stretch to fit the content
  • vue-interactive-paycard - A fantastic credit card form with smooth and sweet micro-interactions
  • vue-paycard - Credit card component made with Vue.js
  • vue-list-picker - Just a simple list picker component made with Vue.js

# Wizard

  • vue-form-wizard - Tab based component which can replace classic bootstrap & jQuery form wizards
  • vue-stepper - A simple stepper with simple actions such as next, back and end to perform simple forms.
  • vue-stepper-component - A fully customizable Stepper component with Vuex support and Zero dependencies.


  • vuecsv - A Simple CSV Downloader from json with option modal panel component.

# Comment System

  • vue-comment-grid - Responsive Vue.js comment system plugin that built with CSS Grid and Firebase REST API + Authentication.

# Canvas

  • vue-easeljs - Data-driven control over an HTML5 canvas element.
  • vue-canvas-effect - A simple, canvas effect collection for Vue.js.
  • vue-konva - Vue & Canvas - JavaScript library for drawing complex canvas graphics using Vue.
  • vue-html2canvas - Vue mixin to capture html and convert it to an image using Html2Canvas.
  • vue-canvas-nest - A Vue.js component for canvas-nest.
  • vue-signature-pad - A Vue Signature Pad Component
  • vg-editor - A visual graph editor based on G6 and Vue, inspired by GGEditor
  • vue-pencil.js - Build reactive 2D graphics scene in your Vue project
  • vue-scratchable - A Vue.js wrapper component that turns everything into fun scratch cards
  • vue-rough - Components for Rough.js, a graphics library that lets you draw in a sketchy, hand-drawn-like, style
  • link-prevue - Flexible component for generate a link preview.

# Tour