# Scaffold

Scaffold / boilerplate / seed / starter kits / stack ensemble / Yeoman generator

  • vue-cli - Simple CLI for scaffolding Vue.js projects.
  • Vue-Django - A boilerplate to set you up in bringing the awesomeness of VueJS into a Django (Python) app.
  • python-vuejs - Gluing Python web frameworks and Vue.js with a set of scripts. Basically a vue-cli wrapper.
  • generator-vue-plugin - Yeoman generator generating vue plugin.
  • vue-seed - vue-seed is minimal seed for those looking to get up-and-running with Vue
  • nuxt-seed - nuxt-seed is minimal seed for those looking to get up-and-running with Vue and Nuxt
  • rails_vue_melt - Rails view with webpack=vue optimizer.
  • vue-starter - A Vue.js starter kit that lets you focus on more programming and less configuration.
  • vue-standalone-component - A standalone component generator with documentation support using jsdoc and vue-styleguidist
  • vuejs-wordpress-theme-starter - A WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue
  • Cordovue - A sample Apache Cordova application using Vue.
  • Cookiecutter-Django-Vue - Django+VueJS+Docker customizable project generator with a large number of settings/integrations
  • iBiu - A visual CLI for scaffolding large Vue projects in 2 seconds.
  • wp-vue - A simple Vue blog template that displays posts from a WordPress REST API endpoint.
  • vue-cli-template-nativescript - Template for starting new nativescript+vue projects with rollup+babel+eslint
  • vue-element-ui-scaffold - Online and visual Vue 2 with Element-UI CRUD scaffold/generator.
  • vue-firebase-element-ui-scaffold - Online and visual Vue 2, Element-UI and Firebase scaffold/generator with CRUDs, authentication, file/image upload, activity log and more.
  • vuesion - The most complete boilerplate for production-ready PWAs. With focus on performance, development speed, and best practices
  • vue-vuex-typescript-webpack-seed - A seed project with Vue, Vuex, Typescript, Scss & Webpack with hot reloading
  • VueCharged Template - A highly opinionated, feature-first Vue 2 template with CLI scaffolding. Uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue Router and Vue I18n.
  • Huncwot - Vue.js boilerplate with Node.js for building modern JavaScript applications with « batteries included » approach.
  • wemake-vue-template - Bleeding edge vue template focused on code quality and developer happiness. Featuring: nuxt, flow, and jest.
  • vue-lib-template - A simple template for building and publishing Vue component/library as a opensource.
  • Awesome Vue Boilerplate - Awesome Vue, Vuex, Vuex-pathify, element-ui, tailwindcss
  • ScaffoldHub.io - Generate full Vue applications with SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore databases.
  • VuePlay - Generate disposable Vue playgrounds in seconds. Allows you to test things quickly.
  • Mevn-CLI - Light speed setup for MEVN stack based apps.
  • vue-cli-template-registry - A solution for installing vue-cli custom templates hosted on private/enterprise repositories.
  • Vuejs Firebase CRUD Starter with Auth
  • vue-enterprise-boilerplate - An ever-evolving, very opinionated architecture and dev environment for new Vue SPA projects using Vue CLI 3
  • nuxt-headless - Boilerplate for Nuxt.js using Wordpress REST API as headless CMS
  • vue-starters-directory - Search for available scaffold projects and starter kits for VueJS. Features search and github stats are available
  • janak - Build your Vue 3 apps in a breeze

# Client

Render Vue application in the browser only

# Universal

Render Vue application to HTML on the server and to the DOM in the browser

  • SPA Starter Kit - A highly opinionated starter kit for building Single Page Applications with Laravel and Vue.js.
  • SSR Boilerplate - Vue.js Server Side Rendering Boilerplate without Polluting Vuex.
  • neutrino-preset-vue-static - A minimalistic starter kit for building static sites using Vue.js.
  • Vueniverse - A fully featured, universal Vue template for user-based applications, powered by Nuxt.js and Express.
  • vue-preload - A plugin Vue for adding <link rel="preload" capabilities
  • Vue.js/Nuxt.js full featured boilerplate - Professional agency frontend template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites by vuejs/nuxtjs.

# Server

Includes a backend boilerplate

  • Vuetober - Single page apps with Laravel, Vue.js, and October CMS.
  • Toucan - Boilerplate for building single page apps. Server is multi-project .Net Core solution designed around SOLID principles. Client is TypeScript 2, Vuejs 2, Vuex 2.
  • vue-server-demo - Writing koa server in Vue.
  • vue-apollo-connector-kit - JWT authentication with 2 different strategies (localStorage and httpOnly cookies). Authorization using custom directives (apollo).
  • DotVue - Implement .vue file handler in .NET with server ViewModel postback. Single-file components with server-side ViewModel. Use all power of VueJS with simple C# server side data access.
  • isomor-vue-app - Setup a working environment with Vue and isomor, to unify the frontend and the backend by generating automatically the API.

# Electron

  • Electron Vue - An Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate with vue-cli scaffolding, common Vue plugins, electron-packager/electron-builder, unit/e2e testing, vue-devtools, and webpack.
  • VuePack - A modern starter which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2 (and even Electron).
  • vue-flexible-link - Tiny Vue component for Electron to open links in a browser. Ideal for cross environment apps (Web & Native)
  • vuelectron - electronjs starter kits for vue.
  • vue-design - the best website visualization builder with Vue and Electron.
  • dapp - Boilerplate for stack of Vue/Parcel/Electron.
  • vue-electron-template - An Electron & Vue.js boilerplate with Hot-reloading enabled and common Vue plugins, dev and build scripts configured using webpack-4

# Parts

Scaffold parts of the app